Monday, December 6, 2010

Leading in a Landscape of Transition: Calgary Public Library’s Leadership Institute

It has now become a common refrain: libraries have entered a period characterized by an unusually high number of transformational realities. To ensure that libraries pass through this period successfully, an increased emphasis on the management of change is required from library leaders. As such, on December 03, 2010, Calgary Public Library’s (CPL) managers, supervisors, librarians and special guests will be attending CPL’s biennial Leadership Institute. 

Under the banner “Leading in a Landscape of Transition”, this year’s Institute provides opportunities for CPL staff and guests to develop and refine needed leadership skills. A supervisor interested in understanding creative ways to guide their staff through change might be found sculpting clay, drumming a samba beat, or employing marshmallows to solve a problem. 

Keynote speakers include Ronnie Storey-Ewoldt, Public Services Director of Anythink Librariesrecipients of the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service (United States) – who will be sharing Anythink Libraries’ new approaches to library service delivery. With over 100 attendees expected to participate in ten skills development and “serious play” workshops, perhaps CPL’s leaders will be further poised to turn this landscape of transition into a landscape of opportunity.

Caroline Higgins is a Community Outreach Librarian for Calgary Public Library’s Saddletowne Branch (opening in 2011) and FLA Jobline co-editor

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