Monday, January 16, 2012

Your Voice - Why Libraries? - Nancy

Each issue of this year’s FLAG we hope to share answers to questions related to library work and life by a variety of information professionals.

Last issue’s question was:
Why did you decide on librarianship or library work as a career?

Working in a library is something that came about for me very serendipitously. I come from an art studio based education and it was my interest in working with the subject that brought me to my current position, working in a specialty library with in a post-secondary art institution. Because of that subject specialty, understanding the language of art was the defining criteria for my position in this library. Training for understanding library systems and management came ‘on the job’ so to speak, and that training continues and evolves as technology has become the major player in how we help our community become proficient in information literacy. Keeping abreast of changing library ideology and technologies keeps the work challenging and interesting, but the major attraction to the position is the collection itself.

Nancy Casciato
Media Collection Assistant
Luke Lindoe Library, Alberta College of Art and Design

Would you like to contribute to this new feature section? The next issue’s question is:

What do you consider to be the most important issue in librarianship right now?

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