Thursday, February 5, 2015

Professional Development – Data Management

For librarians and information professionals interested to learn about data management or enterprise architecture, check out some of these local groups. Best of all, many of them host free events for interested participants, providing good opportunities to explore different aspects of the information management discipline without a cost commitment.

Alberta Data Architecture (ADA) Community
This group has a website, but membership is actively managed through a private LinkedIn site. Meet-ups are bi-monthly and are composed of a networking component followed by a presentation. Presentations vary between technical and non-technical/business content. Meeting attendees include a large oil and gas contingent, and while content will often have a technical focus on oil and gas (such as application of PPDM Standards), many discussions are transferrable to other data management scenarios.

Professional Petroleum Data Management Association
PPDM is an international body that drives standardization and professionalization in data management practices in the oil and gas industry. In addition to large symposiums and training sessions, quarterly luncheons happen locally in oil and gas hub cities, including Calgary, Perth, and Houston. Membership is available at the institutional level. Their website is comprehensive, offering a wealth of resources to interested individuals.

DAMA (Data Management Association) International – Potential Calgary Chapter
DAMA is the premier data management association worldwide, providing an international network of data management professionals and standardizing best practices through publication of the Data Management Body of Knowledge. With Calgary’s information management industry being heavily focused in the oil and gas vertical, PPDM is a prominent local data management organization, but as yet there is no established local DAMA Chapter (the closest is Toronto).

Calgary professionals (many affiliated with Alberta Data Architecture Community) have been looking to form a DAMA Chapter. They are soliciting interest and suggestions for format/focus via LinkedIn.

Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum
CEAF delves into the broader realm of Enterprise Architecture, a discipline devoted to strategic application of technology within parent organizations. Meetings include strong representation from those working in data management. Many attendees are again within the oil and gas industry, but other groups, such as healthcare, are also represented. Meeting formats are informal gatherings with networking time followed by presentations. Discussions focus on technical aspects of Enterprise Architecture, as well as ongoing discussion of the EA discipline itself (as it is a more nebulous area of IT – something those working in information management may also appreciate). A website is available, but the private LinkedIn group is kept much more up to date.

Melanie Sucha is Team Lead, Information Management Policies and Standards, with Suncor Energy; she also serves as the current FLA Webmaster.

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